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I teach the Mongan Method HypnoBirthing® program over 5 consecutive weeks. Each class is 2 ½ hours. 



Session 1: Building A Positive Expectancy

Session 2: Falling in Love With Your Baby/Preparing Mind & Body

Session 3: Getting Ready to Welcome your Baby

Session 4: Overview of Childbirth—A Labour of Love

Session 5: Birthing—Breathing Love, Bringing Life 


  • The physiology of the uterus and how fear affects it

  • Why labour hurts and why it doesn't have to

  • Suggestions to initiate labour naturally

  • Relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques to facilitate the opening and softening of the body

  • Breathing techniques that quickly create a state of relaxation and comfort, shorten the first stage of labour and eliminate forced pushing during the birthing phase

  • Visualizations for an easier birth

  • How to provide massage to release endorphins during birth

  • What to expect during the last few weeks, at the onset and during labour and how the body will work with you

  • Clearing anxieties, limiting beliefs or fear surrounding birth

  • How your birth companion can assist and be involved in the birth

  • Avoiding artificial induction of labour if that is your preference

  • Remaining in control if interventions are proposed 

  • Positions to facilitate deeper relaxation and a more comfortable birthing experience

  • How to draft a birth plan for discussion with your chosen care provider



The five-week series includes a textbook, handouts for home practice and to take to birthing location, relaxation CD or Mp3, my continued support as well as advice and suggestions for complementary services upon request. 


Small group classes: Held on Saturday mornings (9am-11:30am).

Please contact me for details of when the next course will be starting.

Cost: $600 per couple


Private sessions: I will work with you and your birth partner in the comfort of your own home on a private basis. 

Cost: $800


Alternatively, if you would like to coordinate with another birthing couple you know, I can offer the course in the comfort of your home.

Cost: $520 per couple