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Building Confidence :

HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method is a comprehensive 5-week confidence-building childbirth education course. It's for you if you would like to prepare for a rewarding, relaxing, stress-free birthing experience, regardless of where or how you plan to birth your baby. 


The basic belief of the program is that:
  • Childbirth is a normal, natural and healthy human function for a healthy woman

  • Birth can be accomplished calmly, gently and safely for the vast majority of women

I target the release of fear that causes tension and pain, allowing you to summon your natural instincts and birth with ease. 


The logical, well-thought-out program incorporates:
  • Education

  • Deep relaxation

  • Self-hypnosis

  • Special breathing techniques

  • Visualization

  • Affirmations


My HypnoBirthing® program provides tools and techniques that you can use and continue to feel confident with, regardless of how the birth unfolds. It helps you and your birth companion to understand your birthing choices so you can feel empowered and prepared for your birthing journey ahead.


By doing my course, you will be better prepared to absorb the benefits of calm, gentle birthing, making the experience a really positive one for you, your baby, and your birth companion. 


I'd love to chat about your journey so far and assist with any questions you may have, so please feel free to call or email and I'll do what I can to help get you on track for the birth you want.